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Fast car, endless road, palm trees, skyscrapers, sunset and synthwave music. This is all you will ever need!

The game was mode for the December installment of the Hungarian 1GAM jam of 2020 (2020 HEJ November-December). The theme of the jam was "infinite". In this project my focus was on building a strong and distinct atmosphere, and I think I nailed it. As a consequence, there is not much gameplay, but hey - sometimes you just need to sit back and enjoy the ride ;)


I would like to thank Isidor Bobinec for allowing me to use his music in this project. It is, without doubt, the main contributor to the atmosphere and without it the game would be far less enjoyable than it is now. 

If you liked the soundtrack in the game, please, visit Isidor's Bandcamp site and support him by buying his music!

Used assets:

This game means a lot to me as it marks the end of my  first year in game development.  I really hope that this new year will be even more exciting than the previous one and that I will learn a lot more!

Known bugs: you can - if you have the patience - go so far from the origin that lights and shadows fall apart. This issue can be solved by periodically moving everything back to the origin (it is unnoticable by the player), but the car controller percieved it as a collision, and it was weird and annoying. I wanted to improve the road generation track so that the road turns back, but run out of time. I have other projects in mind right now, but I want to come back to it later and fix it. 

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
AuthorBence Mervay
Made withUnity
Tags80s, Endless, Neon, Retro
Average sessionA few minutes


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It's difficult to drift

Hi! Yeah, I know that :( 

Thanks for the feedback and the video! :)

finally a good game

Thank you! :)

yea but it explodes my potato computer

That is partly my sin. I still suck at optimizing, and also need to learn how to implement a proper graphic options menu. That being said, I always intended this game to look good.

Hi, I played this and really enjoyed it! I think you capture the whole "driving through a lazy city as the sun goes down mood" really well.

Some feedback:

- The car felt a little light when making a turn. What I really want is to feel the pull of the road as I lean into each turn, so that I can feel connected to the road. The physics seems just a little bit off for that: the car is a bit too light, and is liable to bounce around a bit too much.

- I'd also love to see the ability to change gears. There's nothing quite like seeing a straight section of road ahead (in real life) and flooring the gas - changing up a gear - flooring it again - going up a gear - and hearing that satisfying "thunk" each time, as the engine goes deeper. I think it'd make the whole thing feel a bit more "crunchy".

- Could you generate turns which are not 90 degrees? Might make each turn feel a bit different.

Anyway, like I said, great game!


Thanks for the feedback! I am glad you liked the game!

My aim with this project was to achieve that mood, so I am happy I managed to achieve it. Getting the car movement right was secondary (and I can be felt just as you mentioned). I did not want to invest money in this project, that is the reason why I did not use a "proper" vehicle controller. That being said, the one I used is a very good one, but was too difficult for me to tweak. Regarding the 90° turns: they are awful, I agree. This was the best free roads asset I could find. I have access to the River Auto Material unity asset which also has road building capabilities, but that one uses splines and I needed something modular because of the randomly generated track. 

Ah, that makes sense. To be fair, I think you did a really decent job given you only had access to free assets. And it makes sense that the track generation system would limit the angle of those turns.

Hiiii, I've been recording and playing your game and wanted to share some feedback :DHopefully it's useful to you :)

-The visual style could be a little bit polished (adding more particles or detail to the tires trail), but it actually works quite well :)

-The music and the simple gameplay combined work quite well and I really enjoyed the game.

-Adding a "shop" to buy new cars/skins using the "coins" you have put into the game would be great :D

In conclusion, the idea is great and I hope you keep working on it and in new games. Hopefully this is useful for you :D, also if you could subscribe that would help me a lot :)


Hey! Thanks a lot for trying out the game, and also for the feedback! I left a comment with a link to the game and also to the webpage of the music composer :) And I also subscirbed ;)  (if you want, you can subscribe to my channel as well)

Awesome :D thanks I'll do :)